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Currently in beta with resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico.

    At Tripfind, we believe your vacation is an important investment.

    You only get so much time off each year. Our mission is to help you make the most of it by finding you the perfect vacation match.

    To us, finding the right vacation isn’t just about price, value, and hotel rooms – it’s about experiences. That’s why we’ve created the industry’s first interest-based Advanced Search, with a matching algorithm that can render individual resorts across multiple locations. Each Advanced Search result has a personalized Match Score, which tells you exactly how well it caters to your unique combination of preferences. Unlike other travel websites, we don’t require you to enter a destination first.

    We haven’t gotten everywhere yet, but we’re working on it. For now, we’re starting with beach resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico. Start your search here. Happy vacation finding!

    Advanced Search

    What makes Tripfind different

    Our unique metrics – including our Match Score, Overall Beach Resort Rating, and TripValue – provide new ways for you to analyze relative value and find the perfect beach vacation destination. We supplement these metrics with concise, to-the-point reviews from our expert Resort Analyst team to help you save time.

    We consider the quality, integrity, and candidness of our analysis to be our greatest assets; when it comes to ratings, we pride ourselves on our consistency and accuracy.

    Match Score

    Once you’ve chosen what’s most important to you in a beach vacation from our list of attributes and activities in our Advanced Search here, the Match Score tells you how well a resort matches your unique set of preferences. Unlike other travel sites, we don’t require you to enter a destination before we show search results, so you can get results with individual resorts in multiple locations; this is particularly useful if you aren’t sure which island, etc. to travel to, or want to compare two or more islands/locations. The Match Score uses a 12-notch rating scale, from A++ to F.

    Overall Beach Resort Rating

    Unlike the standard 1-5 star hotel rating, the Overall Beach Resort Rating takes important beach resort-specific factors into account, such as the quality of the resort’s beach and swimming pool areas. It also captures the quality of the on-site restaurants, service, and rooms, in addition to the standard hotel star rating. Its purpose is to help you assess the quality of a beach resort as a whole and more accurately compare it to its peers. The Overall Beach Resort Rating uses a 16-notch rating scale, from Aaa to C.


    Our relative value tool compares a resort’s Overall Beach Resort Rating to its average room price, telling you if it’s relatively overpriced or underpriced based on our assessment. We express a resort’s relative value with our TripValue score, which is shown as a positive or negative number, or the word “Even.” For example, if Resort X has an Overall Beach Resort Rating of Aaa but is priced in line with Aa2-rated resorts, its TripValue would be +2 (a positive number, indicating it’s a “good deal”), because Aaa is two notches above Aa2 on the Overall Beach Resort Rating scale. If Resort Y is rated Aa2 but is priced in line with Aaa-rated resorts, its TripValue would be -2. If Resort Z is rated Aa2 and also priced like a Aa2 resort, its TripValue would be “Even.” The highest possible TripValue is +7; the lowest is -7.

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