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El Dorado Seaside Suites, by Karisma

1 hour 8 minutes from airport
All Inclusive
Adults Only
Top Strengths
On-Site COVID-19 Testing
On-Site Dining Variety
Swim-Up Bar(s)
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This all-inclusive, adults-only resort about halfway between Playa del Carmen and Tulum caters well to couples. The beach is small and poor in quality; it’s well below average for the Riviera Maya. This has a strong negative effect on the Overall Beach Resort Rating, taking it out of the A range. The fitness center is below average, too, with very limited equipment; but the resort offers an expansive swimming pool, multiple swim-up bars, one of the largest spas on the Riviera Maya, butler service, very good restaurants for an all-inclusive (with outstanding cuisine variety), an open-air Sky Terrace that can be reserved for private events, and magic shows and other live entertainment at night. The resort comprises two distinct sections: Palms and Infinity. The original Palms section is quieter, while the newer Infinity section is more social and interactive with swim-up suites and extremely unique balcony pools (the balcony pools allow swim-up suites to exist on all of the upper floors as well as the ground floor). The rooms have balconies and excellent ocean views, especially on the upper floors; rooms on the ground floor, however, have swim-up suites connecting to the main pool. All accommodations are very high in quality, but the Oceanfront Swim-Up Jacuzzi Suites in the Infinity section are recommended. Activities include outdoor yoga classes, dance classes, coconut painting, kayaking, snorkeling tours, and tequila tastings, to name a few. The Mayan ruins at Tulum aren’t far.

Complimentary on-site COVID-19 antigen tests are available for guests returning to the United States. PCR tests are also available at a discounted rate. In the event of a positive test, the hotel will provide accommodations for up to 14 nights free of charge. 

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